Smallworlds Cheats

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SmallWorlds the game

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Created by Outsmart, Smallworlds is a virtual world that runs in the web browser. It is also integrated with Flickr, Youtube and many other services.
SmallWorlds is a social game that features great graphics, social networking and the player have a unique game experience.

Members can customize the world as they want with many items and clothes that can be purchased by gold or tokens, there are endless opportnities and each player is completely different from the others.
Decorate your dream home, live your ideal life, all of this is possible in Smallworlds.

smallworlds cheats

In Smallworlds, players can choose between seven skill paths:

  • artist
  • arena
  • crafting
  • explorer
  • farming
  • gamer
  • social

In 2009, Smallworlds released versions of the game that integrated with Facebook, MySpace, Hi5. But now it is no more affiliate to this companies. Smallworlds have its own application in its website and link their social networking profiles to the game accounts.

In April 2013, Smallworlds passed through a major upgrade where many features of the game changed. The forum the site and the brand received a new face. The gameplay also changed including a rewards program called Kudos that rewards the player with special items for completing it. The slogan also changed and the gold payout was replaced.

There are many ways to generate tokens and coins in Smallworlds, but it don't take so long to it don't work anymore, Smallworlds cheats are high seeked by the players that wants to buy the best items and clothes in the game and also enjoy the best features. The best tool to generate coins and even tokens that is working for some months is this Smallworlds cheats. It's working great and my account is still up. It's simple to use and I'm sure every Smallworlds player will make good use of it.

In this site you will find the best tips and cheats of Smallworlds and the program to generate tokens to your account. It's really simple to use, just login to your account, open the hack, fill the boxes with your user and the amount of tokens and coins you want to generate and click generate. Wait some seconds to the program connect to the game and add to your account what you desired. You can use as many times as you want and there is not limit to the amount generated. I just advise to not use astronomical values to not risk your account.

For more information, access the wikipedia page about Smallworlds here.